Thing 6: “RSS and Feedly–Ideas and Inspiration”

I can definitely see the addictive potential of RSS.  Though I have not visited my Feedly every day since creating my account, when I have visited, I have spent a substantial amount of time skimming and reading.  This morning alone, I spent three hours perusing the posts, articles, videos, etc. that are at my disposal.   For now, I think I have found a nice balance of content from general education philosophy and theory to education news, technology in education to English content and books.  As a result, I have found much to consider!

For example, I have found several posts that introduce technological tools that can be used in the classroom.  I particularly like the potential of using Vine, which captures and shares six-second video clips.  Also, this post offers 13 “free” web tools that students and teachers should know about.  WeVideo grabbed my attention for its classwide video potential.

On the philosophy and theory front, I have been reading a lot about project-based and inquiry-based learning.  This article looks at how such learning is working at a rural school in southeast Michigan.  While it highlights the positives, it also addresses some of the problems and challenges that arise with this type of learning.  I love the idea behind inquiry-based learning, but it seems like it would take school-wide effort in a lot of cases.

As for content in my classroom, I have found some interesting ideas and some interesting/frightening data that may drive some of my lessons next year, especially with my seniors.  This data shows that we need to give students a better global perspective before they leave high school.  Likewise, this slide show will help to better prepare my seniors for job interviews.  Lastly, these videos will help to teach presentation building skills.

I can’t wait for more ideas and more inspiration via RSS and my Feedly!

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